Our offer

We have manufactured roof racks for over 30 years now. With the multiple solutions used by car manufacturers and the shrinking versatility, you need a catalogue to choose the right mounting holders and appropriate bar lengths. A little while ago all cars had troughs or perhaps rails; they only differed in bar lengths.

Currently manufactured cars have the following designs:


With the so-called roof trough

No trough

With a factory vertical thread

With a factory horizontal thread

Bagażniki dachowe

With mounting points

With “T-profile”

With a (standard) roof rail

With an integrated roof rail

To select appropriate solutions (racks) for your car, select your car make on the right, then the model and finally your car, paying attention to the year of production, body and number of doors.

A baseline rack may be insufficient though. Therefore, read more about our ATTACHMENTS.

If you wish to transport bikes at the back of your car, read more about our BIKE RACKS mounted to the towbard or tailgate.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to use the Contact tab and write us a message.