Roof boxes

Roof boxes are the best method to carry luggage during your travels. On their holidays, people often sit in the car crammed in between suitcases, which reduces the comfort of travel or they may be even unable to take everything we need.

It is not easy to choose the right box, as you need to take into consideration the main items you intend to carry. We offer roof boxes with a wide variety of applications and different maximum load capacities. You can use then to carry e.g. skis (slightly longer than the ski length), shopping, suitcases, diverse equipment, pushchairs (shorter boxes with a higher load capacity).

Tailgate-mounted bike racks

A tailgate-mounted bike rack is a solution for the safe and convenient transport of several bikes. This method involves the lowest drag for the car during the transportation. It also implies lower fuel consumption and no noise entering the car interior. The greatest advantage comes from their relatively low installation point; their removal requires no effort. Due to their low price, tailgate-mounted bike racks are a common solution.

Roof bike holders

A roof bike rack is a perfect solution to carry bikes having unusual shapes or extremely sensitive to impact or pressure forces. With roof racks, you can prevent diverse damage effectively. The bike is attached to the wheel, thus the rack has no direct contact with the bike frame. In addition, it does not cover the rear lights of the car, which are often placed very high.

Roof racks

Luggage carried inside the passenger cab does not guarantee much safety during travel. Therefore, so many people decide to buy a car roof rack. A basic solution is to acquire bars for the roof rails. Then you can install appropriate bike holders, ski holders or luggage boxes to the bars. We offer professional advice and assistance on selection of the right roof rack for your car.

Ski holders

Every snow enthusiast needs to tackle the ski transportation issue every year. A ski roof holder comes to help. Our product range includes both universal models and those which meet the expectations of the most demanding Client. We offer easy-to-install equipment which is resistant to frost, impacts and scratching and fitted with rubber pads to protect skis and much more!

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