Our company has existed in the market since 1957. We have manufactured car racks and boxes for 30 years now! We keep up with the new in the automotive industry and cooperate with genuine experts. Thus we can offer you products which meet the highest quality standards and match any car. Our core operations include the production and provision of all types of car racks, car boxes, bike car holders and many more! You can buy our products from our partners such as: MotoAutoShop, Motoautko, Bagbox, S-Line, Elit, Motomarket24, Auto-Mont, Do-An.


Our speciality is the manufacture of modern car racks to enable you to carry the most troublesome items such as mowers! As novelties are launched on the automotive market, we extend our product range. Thus you can get car roof racks, towbar-mounted bike racks, tailgate-mounted bike racks, roof boxes, rail bars, car bike holders and many more!


Conventional painting is a relic with a negative environmental impact! Our roof racks and bike racks are covered with the most efficient powder coatings: polyester and polyethylene. They make racks extremely durable and corrosion resistant.

How can we surprise you?

We want to meet the requirements of every driver and offer modern bike transport solutions such as towbar-mounted platforms and racks! With such solutions, you will not have to remove bikes to open the tailgate! It is not the end yet! Our product range also includes aluminium aerobars for the roof rails; they are a more convenient alternative to steel bars while maintaining similar strength parameters. We follow the most innovative ideas and we also have roof racks for 3-door cars e.g.: 3-D adapter with a standard Dromader D-4 rack.

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